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Trends That Are So 2016

Posted by Coldwell Banker Ackley on January 09, 2017 in No Category
Now that we are into 2017, here are just a few trends we have noticed the past year. Square vs. Arch:You'll notice in newer homes and renovated homes they are incorporating square windows, square headings, and a lot more 90 degree angles. In older homes, more traditional homes, there are more arches and show case rounder shapes. Kitchens:Kitchens are getting bigger and bigger! More modern kitchens are incorporating steam ovens and built in coffee machines. We're certainly not complaining ab... read more
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Improving Your Home for the New Year

Posted by Coldwell Banker Ackley on December 28, 2016 in No Category
Here at CBAR, we put together a list of different ways you can improve your home for the upcoming New Year. 1) Organize and DeclutterOrganizing and decluttering is actually proven to make people happier. It grants peace of mind and serenity. It's worth having spring cleaning a little early to kick off the new year right. Get some big baskets and just start throwing your clutter into trendy mess concealers. 2) Add GreensInside and out. Another thing proven to spike happiness is greens. Put some flower... read more
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Holiday Hot Chocolate

Posted by Coldwell Banker Ackley on December 13, 2016 in No Category
What is better than hot chocolate on a cold winter day?We have done some research on making delicious and simple hot chocolate and this is what we have come up with. 1.5 cups heavy cream 14oz (1 can) of sweeten condensed milk  2.5 cups chocolate chips  6 cups of milk  1tsp vanilla extract Put it all in a crock pot or in a large pan, mix on medium until smooth. Add whip cream and peppermint to garnish and make extra delicious.... read more
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Luxury Interior Videography

Posted by Coldwell Banker Ackley on November 28, 2016 in No Category

The most important thing about doing an interior video is staging and lighting. Check out this example. 

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Story Book Parade Tradition

Posted by Coldwell Banker Ackley on October 31, 2016 in No Category


The halloween spirit is alive and strong here at Caldwell Banker Ackley Realty. We wanted to share some photos with you from our celebrations this past Friday. We have a long tradition of handing out candy to the preschoolers that attend First United Methodist just a block down from us. They go on a Storybook Parade and dress up as their favorite characters. They have so much fun and so do we! 

Check it out!

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